Weekend Quotes #1

This is the first post of my participation in Weekend Quotes meme hosted by Half-filled Attic. I prefer to chose one of Eliza quote that I found interesting . This quote was made by Eliza Doolittle when she said her dissatisfaction of Higgins behaviour toward her. She demand to be treated like a lady because the way Higgins treated her made her progress seems useless because he always see Eliza as a flower girl.

“… the difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how’s she treated.”

At first, I ultimately disagree with this statement because I always think that we should behave in a right manner to get people respect. But this point of view don’t match with the context of the story. She said that because she already had a ladylike perfect manner but the one she hope will appreciate her hard work seem didn’t care at all.

Sometimes people don’t think the best of others and we treated people based on our own perspective about someone. It made me think that we should behave sincerely to others and always respect one another in order to see somebody as  a whole person. If we trapped in our judgement we cannot see the best of someone like Higgins that failed to see the new Miss Eliza Dooolittle.

Weekend Quote is hosted by Half-Filled Attic. Feel free to join. You can:

  • Give the context of the quote
  • Give your opinion whether you agree or disagree with it
  • Share your experience related to the quote
  • Share similar quotes you remember
  • Or anything else. Just have fun with the quote.




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