Silas Marner

Feel betrayed by his best friend, community and his fiancée, Silas Marner decided to leave Lantern Yard and move in to the first place he feels settled, Raveloe, a countryside village. He tried to forget all that happened and doing numbing routine of solitary work as a weaver. His neighbor found him as an introvert person but had a special knowledge for herbal remedies and his fine work as a weaver that made him secretly rich. He rarely joined the other villager for drinking or just gossiping at local bar. His only amusement was spending every night counting his gold that has been hidden beneath floorboards.

So had his way of life: – he invited no comer to step across his door-sill, and he never strolled into the village to drink a pint at the Rainbow, or to gossip at the wheelwright’s; he sought no man or woman, save for the purposes of his calling, or in order to supply himself with necessaries….

But his secret being suspected and there was rumor in the village that he was rich and had a lot money, this rumor made Dunsey Cass – a greedy and trouble-maker son of Squire Cass – interested and one night he decided to go to Silas house and plan to intimidate him to lend Dunsey some money, but, alas he decided to steal the money instead. The calm and peaceful life of Silas wrecked because of this tragedy. But at the very same day, out of nowhere, there is a baby girl that left at his door by his dead mother. Eppie – he named the baby after her mother name – made Silas realized that he finally find a true happiness that can console him from his lost (his faith and his money) and give him a new hope of happy life. He became more socialized and welcomed in that village because of Eppie. But
trouble keep hitting him, the real father of Eppie claimed her after abandoned her for many years. Would Silas let Eppie go?

Silas Marner was the first George Elliot works that I ever read. I pick this book to catch up with Victorian challenge for June and also because it has the least pages compared to other Elliot’s books. George Elliot was pseudonym of Mary Ann Evans, whom like Silas, she also keep questioning and struggle with her faith. This story was a simple story, with a no surprise plot and had a not-shocking ending. But it still interesting books because Elliot known for her deeply philosophical novel. The character of Silas was well described also the other character.

To sum up, this story have a positive moral lesson such as we cannot base our happiness only to materialistic thing but also to the relationship with other human that will made us truly happy. The other was no matter how deep you buried your bad deeds, they are always coming up, so be careful with your life and be honest to everyone.


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