Mansfield Park

I have watch several movies based on novels by Jane Austen such as Emma starring by Gwyneth Paltrow, Pride and Prejudice starring by Kiera Knightly and Sense and Sensibility starring by Emma Watson. I fell in love immediately to Jane Austen stories, overall because she always place woman as main character in her story, the heroine usually acts different from other woman in her time and the ending is satisfying and didn’t sound like a chic lit. I feel excited to read this book and hope for the same experience as the other Austen story but alas Mansfield Park totally disappointed me.


Mansfield Park is a house name owned by Sir Thomas Bertram (I really like how nobleman/rich man has a name for their own big fancy house); Sir Thomas had a wife named Maria Ward Huntingdon who had two siblings, Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Price. Everyone said that Price family lucky to have Sir Bertram as a son in law because he is rich and had a higher social level than them. Unfortunately, Lady Bertram sisters couldn’t find a better husband than her, especially Mrs. Price who had many children and live poorly with her unemployed husband. Knowing about her sister condition, Bertram family decided to foster Fanny, one of Mrs. Price daughter.

It was never easy to Fanny to leave her family; she was a shy-introvert girl who has a weak physical condition. She found hard to be friend with her cousins because she’s not smart and have no confidence at all; only Edmund that treated her like his own sister. He encouraged her to write letters to her beloved brother William to ease her sorrow leaving alone in Mansfield Park and he often accompanied Fanny in her hard time. Time goes by and Fanny Price grow became a beautiful young lady, despite her bashfulness, she captivated many young gentleman in the ball but Fanny heart belonged to Edmund only. In the other hand, Edmund loved Mary Crawford, Fanny’s best friend and also their neighbor. Mary was an attractive and well-mannered woman who has many talents bud sadly she’s a little bit arrogant, she loved Edmund too but his obsession to become a priest hampered her love. How will this triangle love be resolve?

Relax guys there won’t be any surprise in the end, you should have guess it before you reach the last page. As I told you, I’m not enjoying this book but I manage to finished this book hoping that there is a or several conflict that can’t made my heart beats faster, but nothing was going on! The major reason I dislike this story because Fanny Price is not qualified as heroine at all (I thought that every Austen novel has a heroine), she is too weak and if Fanny Price become one of the character in Pride and Prejudice, she probably just a supernumerary character. The other reason would be no characters that seem interesting, both the antagonist and protagonist role. Surprisingly there is one famous Fanny’s quote that made her more relevant:

We all have best guide within us, if only we would listen”


5 thoughts on “Mansfield Park

  1. Hey I’m glad you moved to WP! Hehe. I’m gonna reblog your posts to Baca Klasik, hope you don’t mind. About Austen, I have never been a big fan of her, I disliked Pride and Prejudice but decided to give it another try. Then I also read Northanger Abbey, which is not bad, and I still have Sense and Sensibility waiting to be read. Other than those 3, I have no appetite for Austen, I prefer watching movies or miniseries based on her works rather than reading books.

  2. Ah, I’ve just finished reading this as well. Mind you, it’s my second attempt. The first time it got abandoned cuz I couldn’t stand Fanny and as it’s the second time, I was determined to persevere ha ha ha. I didn’t mind it too much after about 1/4 of the way. And I do agree that I prefer my heroines to be like Lizzie Bennett or Margaret Hale -strong healthy and bit cheeky 😉

    Fanny is a bit of a mouse although I did kind of like the book in the end (not as much as others of course) because even though Fanny was not as strong (constitution-wise), she’s not that weak (as you can see other ladies can be) but she has strong principles, knows what she wants and stick to what she thinks will be best for her. In the end, she is rewarded 😉

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