The Hobbit

Lord of the Ring trilogy directed by Peter Jackson is the best movie adaptation that I ever watched. How he described Middle Earth world satisfied my imagination and made me believe that such world really did exist. Unfortunately reading the prequel, The Hobbit didn’t amuse me like trilogy LOTR movie did. It’s maybe because there was no Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas or Frodo, or maybe the adventure that Bilbo had less noble purpose than Frodo had. There was no good versus evil war although the adventure is still interesting.

It’s beginning at Shire when Bilbo Baggins happily live the simple and peace life. No conflict, no adventure, and surely no surprises at all. But Gandalf suddenly come and change it all. He came with twelve dwarfs who want to take their treasure back from Smaug, the bad dragon who destroy their city and become the ruler there. They need a thief for this work and Gandalf recommend Bilbo, a hobbit, who smaller than dwarf, barely notice by man and have a skill to travel quietly. At first he refused this offer, no normal hobbit would take such quest, leaving Shire and his house which very convenience, it’s a crazy decision!!!

Strangely, Bilbo finally interested to join the dwarfs mission, and the adventure begin. Trolls, Goblins, Wood fairies, Beorn, men, Wargs, Eagles, all middle earth creatures, bad and good, they met them all. Don’t forget Gollum, who deceived by Bilbo with his riddles, from him Bilbo has a ring which can help him to finish this mission. It’s the same ring which Frodo must destroy.

I think in the first chapter this book give the valuable information to understand the world of middle earth, but the only thing that connected this book from LOTR trilogy was the ring pre-owned by Gollum. In contrast, the dwarf mission has nothing to do with the LOTR trilogy; it’s pure about thirteen companions who have mission to conquer the dragon and claimed their treasure back.

But I still adore J.R.R. Tolkien writing who always satisfied my mind about fantasy world. He always described middle earth so detail that I can easily imagine what its look like. He also created another new unique and sometime enchanted creature that always amuses his book reader. The variety of the creature in this book made me wish I could leave in Middle earth. In conclusion, it’s still one of my favorites book but unfortunately could not beat LOTR trilogy.


Weekend Quotes #1

This is the first post of my participation in Weekend Quotes meme hosted by Half-filled Attic. I prefer to chose one of Eliza quote that I found interesting . This quote was made by Eliza Doolittle when she said her dissatisfaction of Higgins behaviour toward her. She demand to be treated like a lady because the way Higgins treated her made her progress seems useless because he always see Eliza as a flower girl.

“… the difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how’s she treated.”

At first, I ultimately disagree with this statement because I always think that we should behave in a right manner to get people respect. But this point of view don’t match with the context of the story. She said that because she already had a ladylike perfect manner but the one she hope will appreciate her hard work seem didn’t care at all.

Sometimes people don’t think the best of others and we treated people based on our own perspective about someone. It made me think that we should behave sincerely to others and always respect one another in order to see somebody as  a whole person. If we trapped in our judgement we cannot see the best of someone like Higgins that failed to see the new Miss Eliza Dooolittle.

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Caught by the heavy rain, a bunch of people trapped under the portico of Saint Paul’s church, there was one family consist of mother, daughter and son that busy looking for a cab, a flower girl, and some gentlemen. The conversation began when the flower girl tried to sell flower to the mother and the gentlemen she called Captain. While she was speaking, one of the gentlemen taking notes about every words everyone said; the flower girl began feeling afraid that the note taker was a policeman that would arrest her for some mistake that she doubted she knew. But the note taker finally revealed himself as a phonetic professor that amazingly knew where someone was born or come from by identifying their speech.

The flower girl whose name was Eliza Doolittle speak kerbstone English since she born, having money generously given by the Captain she decided to went to Professor Higgins alias the note taker’s house and beg him to teach her to speak like a Lady. She found that the note taker little speech gave her a new insight about what she want herself to be in the future, to work at the flower store or she said, “…to be a lady in a flower shop.” Professor Higgins and his friend Mr. Pickering (the Captain) who also expert in phonetic, took this offer because they could not resist the desire of such challenge. Then, the experiment began!

A woman who utters such depressing and disgusting sounds has no right to be anywhere – no right to live. Remember that you are a human being with a soul and the divine gift of articulate speech: that your native language is the language of Shakespeare and Milton and The Bible; and don’t sit there crooning like a bilious pigeon. (Professor Higgins)

Professor Higgins (Rex Harrington), Eliza (Audrey Hepburn) and Mr. Pickering

After several weeks of working out with her pronunciation and manner, Eliza was formally introduced to high end society, Higgins’s mother friends. Eliza did the best and her mentors was very pleased, she also won Freddy’s heart, the son from Eynsford Hill family that busy found a cab at the beginning of this story. This show of Eliza became a Lady went well but Eliza realized that this wouldn’t last forever. After came home from a garden party she threw her dissatisfaction to Higgins, she said that he did not treat her well and emphasized that his behaviour toward her made her felt lady-less. She felt so disappointed because Higgins treat her like some property of him and did not respect her enough by praised her even once. How does this two make amends? Is there any potential a romance story builds between them? Find it yourself!

Liza Doolittle

“… the difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how’s she treated.” (Eliza Doolittle)

Lady Eliza Doolitle

Pygmalion written by George Bernard Shaw was a second Play I read and my comment is 3 words 7 letters, I Love it! In the beginning I was suspicious because the story sound familiar to me and after finished it I just found out that I’ve watch one film based loosely on this play, the title is My Fair Lady, starred by Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison but the bright side is that the ending was totally different from the film so it didn’t spoiled the whole story.

Pygmalion was a story creatively base on Greek myth where a man named Pygmalion who chose unmarried because a shameful life of women in his time. He made a statue of ideal woman that he dreamt of, he felt in love with the statue and boldly asked Venus to granted life on his statue. Touched by sincere love of Pygmalion, Venus granted his wish and Galatea (the name of the statue) became alive. I assume that Professor Higgins acted as Pygmalion, the old bachelor that willingly to change the coarse Eliza became a Lady that he imagined and he wanted to be but Galatea or Eliza in this story want her own destiny and refuse to surrender to her creator wishes.

This Play was write on –what I call– more modern English than Shakespeare, this made me easier to digest every word of it. The other reason why I like it so much because I admire Professor Higgins character although he was sometimes harsh, arrogant and always treated Eliza like she was a property but the way he talked and made a sarcasm critics astonished me and made him a definitely unforgettable and unique character. The third reason is in this play, man-woman relationship did not always fall into romance but still amuse the reader. Four stars for Pygmalion!


The Classics Club Project: January Meme

What is the best book you’ve read so far for The Classics Club — and why? Be sure to link to the post where you discussed the book! (Or, if you prefer, what is your least favourite read so far for the club, and why?)

If  I’m not mistaken I’ve joined The Classic Club since June 2012, but shame on me I’ve only read 5 of 65 books I pledged before. There was one play from Oscar Wilde (The Importance of being Earnest) and four novels (Mansfield Park, Wuthering Heights, Silas Marner and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes). I’ve enjoyed each of them except Mansfield Park that I rather said it was a little bit dull.

It’s difficult to choose the best one but I adore Oscar Wilde’s play. I was surprised never thought that reading a play will amuse me, the script was well written, witty and funny at the same time. The second reason why I’m fond of this play is this play have only 200 page! This number I consider reasonable for reading in my leisure time. It’s quite different when I read Charles Dicken’s Great Expectation, I felt like I was in great desperation because I read it for almost a month and I wasn’t reach half of that book yet.

I’m looking forward to read another play by Oscar Wilde or other writer that’s why I joined a challenge hosted by Fanda Classiclit, it called Let’s Read Plays. I hope I can manage this challenge and end up by completed it.


Mansfield Park

I have watch several movies based on novels by Jane Austen such as Emma starring by Gwyneth Paltrow, Pride and Prejudice starring by Kiera Knightly and Sense and Sensibility starring by Emma Watson. I fell in love immediately to Jane Austen stories, overall because she always place woman as main character in her story, the heroine usually acts different from other woman in her time and the ending is satisfying and didn’t sound like a chic lit. I feel excited to read this book and hope for the same experience as the other Austen story but alas Mansfield Park totally disappointed me.


Mansfield Park is a house name owned by Sir Thomas Bertram (I really like how nobleman/rich man has a name for their own big fancy house); Sir Thomas had a wife named Maria Ward Huntingdon who had two siblings, Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Price. Everyone said that Price family lucky to have Sir Bertram as a son in law because he is rich and had a higher social level than them. Unfortunately, Lady Bertram sisters couldn’t find a better husband than her, especially Mrs. Price who had many children and live poorly with her unemployed husband. Knowing about her sister condition, Bertram family decided to foster Fanny, one of Mrs. Price daughter.

It was never easy to Fanny to leave her family; she was a shy-introvert girl who has a weak physical condition. She found hard to be friend with her cousins because she’s not smart and have no confidence at all; only Edmund that treated her like his own sister. He encouraged her to write letters to her beloved brother William to ease her sorrow leaving alone in Mansfield Park and he often accompanied Fanny in her hard time. Time goes by and Fanny Price grow became a beautiful young lady, despite her bashfulness, she captivated many young gentleman in the ball but Fanny heart belonged to Edmund only. In the other hand, Edmund loved Mary Crawford, Fanny’s best friend and also their neighbor. Mary was an attractive and well-mannered woman who has many talents bud sadly she’s a little bit arrogant, she loved Edmund too but his obsession to become a priest hampered her love. How will this triangle love be resolve?

Relax guys there won’t be any surprise in the end, you should have guess it before you reach the last page. As I told you, I’m not enjoying this book but I manage to finished this book hoping that there is a or several conflict that can’t made my heart beats faster, but nothing was going on! The major reason I dislike this story because Fanny Price is not qualified as heroine at all (I thought that every Austen novel has a heroine), she is too weak and if Fanny Price become one of the character in Pride and Prejudice, she probably just a supernumerary character. The other reason would be no characters that seem interesting, both the antagonist and protagonist role. Surprisingly there is one famous Fanny’s quote that made her more relevant:

We all have best guide within us, if only we would listen”


The Importance of being Earnest

Bunburyist is a strange word that I doubt you will find in any English dictionary. The term Burnburyist here was used by Algernon Moncrieff to describe an act for pretending that someone has a (imaginary) friend or brother or relative for the purpose to run away from tiresome social obligation. He found himself lucky knowing that his friend Jack Worthing had a same secret as his, Jack also has fake bother named Ernest that always masking trouble and needed to be save by his big brother Jack, but the fact is Jack is Ernest himself, he created Ernest to give himself a leisure time in London to do whatever he wants despite his obligation as a guardian of eighteen year old Cecily Cardew, a landlord and other responsibility.
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Silas Marner

Feel betrayed by his best friend, community and his fiancée, Silas Marner decided to leave Lantern Yard and move in to the first place he feels settled, Raveloe, a countryside village. He tried to forget all that happened and doing numbing routine of solitary work as a weaver. His neighbor found him as an introvert person but had a special knowledge for herbal remedies and his fine work as a weaver that made him secretly rich. He rarely joined the other villager for drinking or just gossiping at local bar. His only amusement was spending every night counting his gold that has been hidden beneath floorboards.
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